Kristen Storey and a client sitting together at a table laughing building stronger people and organizations

Helping individuals & organizations to identify their strengths and align those strengths with their work to discover greater purpose and meaning.


Are you ready for a keynote speaker who both engages your audience and also inspires them to take action? Look for no further. Kristen Storey is an experienced and dynamic speaker, passionate about sparking audiences to find their inner strengths, follow their talents, and find greater purpose.

breadcrumbs left along a trail in the woods

Following the Bread Crumbs

If you know the fairy tale Hansel and Gretl, you know that the children dropped bread crumbs to find their way back out of the forrest as they ran from the wicked witch. That word concept is also used in the IT world to refer to navigating where you are in your computer system. The…...

Discovering Your Talents

We’ve all been asked, “What are you good at?” or “What are your strengths?” For some people they can immediately list several things. For others, they look perplexed and struggle to think of a few things. These are truly hard questions to answer. In response to those questions, I’ve heard people ask...

Powerful Partnerships

As a competitive ballroom dancer, I came to learn that a successful performance, no matter your placement is based on a positive physical and emotional connection with your partner. When I began my dance journey, I went into it as a fun and creative endeavor, with my sole focus on learning the dance...

My goal in our first conversation is to learn more about what your most important need, challenge, or issue is and how a strengths-based approach can help you, your team, or organization be more effective and successful.

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"I can't say enough about how instrumental Kristen was in transforming an entire team of leaders, faculty and staff. I would suggest that anyone who is looking to improve organizational culture, navigate organizational change or invest in strengths based leadership should seek her out. She has a toolkit of knowledge for leaders that has transformed my work and I am forever grateful."

Harold D. Waters, Ph.D, Assistant Dean and Executive Director of Advising, Dornsrife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, University of Southern California, formerly Director, Comprehensive Studies Program, University of Michigan