I’m Kristen, and this is my “Storey”

Helping people and organizations be their best.

My purpose and advocacy come from when someone learns what their true talents and strengths are. I am at my best self when helping organizations see the talent existing in their people and use positive change practices to create an inclusive work culture and high-performing contributors. This is why I am passionate about and frankly blessed to consult, teach and coach people no matter their age, stage, or role to this end. I think of myself as a “talent whisperer”, not because I am doing anything magical or mysterious, but rather I have an ability to observe and coach others in learning what naturally energizes and engages them.  I leverage my 30 years of University of Michigan career experience in consulting and leading organizational change efforts, developing talent, and planning and leading strategic learning initiatives across the University of Michigan campuses.

As a creative collaborator with an eye towards meeting strategic results that make an impact, I am most proud that I have helped individuals realize and embrace their true talents and begin their strengths journey. I’ve helped leaders embrace strength philosophies and practices—helping them see the difference between performance management and talent development and go on to create positive organizational work cultures.

I hold a BS in health education with a minor in secondary education from Western Michigan University and my MA in adult instruction and performance technology from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I am a strengths certified coach from Gallup and hold a special certification in leadership coaching for organizational wellbeing from George Mason University.

Let me help you or your organization realize your potential and make an impact!